Kedzie Avenue was created by me, Sofia Perez in 2016.
I studied dance during undergrad and took some electives while getting my degree. Kedzie Avenue is a result of those electives.

The focus is to create eco-friendly waxed canvas and stained glass, but with loads of color.

The venture of waxed canvas started after a devastating bike accident that left me with a bunch of free time and my trusty sewing machine until I was fully healed. Throughout the years, it has become a colorfully fun leather-alternative that's safe for the environment--from the fabric, down to the paint. As a color maximalist who puts my bags through heck and back, I've made it a point to create my waxed canvas with true durability and vibrant colors.

The exploration in stained glass started after a mixture of longing for some pieces of my own and wanting to learn the age-old craft. Through lots of truly fun trial and error, the stained glass in KA will continue to evolve.